Men’s Ministry

A Ministry focused on meeting the spiritual needs of men of the church and in the community. The Men’s Ministry is affiliated with the National Baptist Laymen’s Movement. Their Annual Men’s Weekend is in October. Activities throughout the year provide opportunities for men and boys to grow in their walk with the Lord.

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry’s focus is to embrace women of all ages, races, professions, and social standings. This ministry also seeks to promote an environment for mentorship and to provide instruction that encourages spiritual maturation, wholeness and discipleship

RISE Virtual Women’s Conference

Youth/Teen Ministry

Grace Temple’s Youth Ministry Ministers to young people from birth to adulthood. Theme: Rites of Passage and Spiritual Growth. Goal: Unity in the Community, Eph 2:21. Journey: Love, Identity, Wrongdoing, Deliverance, and Rejoicing. Objective: Teach our Youth how we can be different yet still live, work, learn, hang out, and worship together, with a single common belief that will keep us at peace with one another…….JESUS CHRIST. Ministries include Bible School, Bible Study, Children’s Church, numerous Workshops, Game Nights, Easter Program, Christmas Program, Choir, Poetry Reading, and Stepping just to name a few. We invite all Youth to come and join us. Let’s stay busy for the Lord. Please read the Church Bulletin and Power Point for dates and times.

Young Adult Ministry

Ministering to the needs of Adults aged 18 to 35. The College and Career age is 18 – 25. The Young Adult age is 26-35. This ministry is designed to address the needs of the age group and provides mentoring into the work of the church.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry provides worship through music for all church services. There are five choirs: Voices of Grace, Mission Choir, Singing Souls of Grace (men), Youth Choir, and the Men of Grace. If you sing or play an instrument, God can use you in this ministry.

Usher Ministry

The Usher Ministry provides hospitality services, guidance for members and guests during the worship services, funerals, and special events. The Usher Ministry has four usher boards: Senior, Usher Board Number Two, Young Adult Ushers and Youth Ushers.

Marriage Ministry

The Marriage Ministry works to serve the needs of couples in our church. The marriage ministry provides resources to strengthen families and fellowship opportunities for couples.

Hospital Ministry

The Hospital Ministry visits members and (others by request) in hospitals, nursing homes, and individual’s homes. The men’s group and the women’s group alternate visiting on Mondays.

Singles Ministry

The Single’s Ministry is designed to meet the needs of the Single Men and the Single Women respectively. Singles need opportunities to fellowship in a safe environment where they may be free to enjoy the company of believers that live the single lifestyle.

Prayer/Praise Ministry

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry prays for members of the church, the community, and the nation. They meet during the week and on weekends to cover the church in prayer. The Prayer Shawl Ministry knits shawls, prays over them and then makes presentations to members of the church experiencing trauma.

Media Ministry

The Mass Media Ministry provides audio and video services for the church and produces the church telecast. CD’s and DVD’s are made available through the church by this ministry. If you have experience or training in audio, video, web design, or pod casting, this ministry is a great opportunity.

Sunday School

Sunday School  is divided into two divisions: Youth and Adult. The youth Bible Study offers age appropriate classes and age appropriate material. The Adult Bible Study offers different classes and two classes that teach the universal Sunday School lesson.

New Members

New members to our church family are welcomed to the church by the New Members Class. Members are encouraged to become an active part of the ministry, discover their spiritual gifts and connect with the church. This class teaches new members to our church about the structure of the church and introduces them to the operation of this local assembly.